Scotsmen of the Carolinas; A Kilted Social Club

So you want to advertise on our site and/or to our membership on facebook?

There are several options for advertising (sponsorship):

Banner Ads
Banner Ads on our website will run you $50/mo/ad. We'll even let you pick the page, provided there aren't current active ads on that page.

Sponsor A Giveaway
We love to provide giveaways to our membership. This is a great way for our members to learn about your product or service. When performing a giveaway, we prefer to hold the contest or drawing for that product or service and then provide you the opportunity to mail the item to the winner. This allows you to put a more personalized touch on the winning product or service, or if the participant is local, invite them to your establishment so they can see other products or services you provide. All sponsors are listed for a year under our sponsorship tab. (SOTC reserves the right to refuse to promote a giveaway. Gift certificates need to cover the entire cost of the product or service. Coupons are NOT gift certificates).

Direct Sponsorship
From time to time, Scotsmen of the Carolinas needs direct sponsorship to purchase items for participation in a faire, highland game, or other event. A monetary donation, waived booth fees, donation of items needed, printing items, etc, may be requested. Parties interested in sponsoring us in this manner, will be added to our Sponsors tab for the duration of 1 year and posted to our social media page(s) in exchange for items or services rendered.

Contact Us. Note: We use paypal for all monetary payments.